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SportageR gasoline sales review

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I'd like to post sportageR gasoline sales review.

This is a story about how I got it from the city of Chanwon.

I got the order from my manager to go to Changwon to get sportageR.

So I headed to Chanwon.  

SportageR gasoline sales review


It was kind of tough to go to Chanwon in rainy day.


It's also difficult to chek out the status of car in rainy day.

So I was kind of worried but I wished me luck.

.SportageR gasoline sales review


It took me about 4 hours to Changwon . It seemed too far away...

However as long as my customer was waiting for me, no matter how far it is, it wasn't big deal :)


SportageR gasoline sales review 

I finally meet sportageR in half-day.

Car owner was young and came with his brother.


SportageR gasoline sales review


The car was  2012 model and had no trouble. 

The car was in pretty good condition.


SportageR gasoline sales review


SportageR gasoline T-GDI. It has turbo engine.

He would sell the car because it costs a lot to maintain. (Because of skyrocketing gas price in Korea)


And also he had another SUV.


SportageR gasoline sales review


There is SorentoR behind SportageR in picture above.

SorentoR is better than SportageR if it's for famliy use than business use.


He didn't originally mean to sell the car. However the quatation was so reasonable that he decided to

sell it. I did a paperwork and paid him. When I left him he seemed a little worried about cancellation of


registration. Sometimes bad agency doesn't do good job with cancellation of registration. I made sure

there would be no problem.


SportageR gasoline sales review


SportageR drove smoothly. Now I realised why so many people like cars with turbo engine when I

applied even the slightest pressure to the accelerator. When I headed back home the street was empty.

It took about 5 hours to get home from Changwon.


SportageR gasoline sales review


It was 8 PM when I got home. I parked sportageR in front of my house.

I was kind of nervous if somebody would scratch sportageR ... however thanks to CCTV in front of my


house I could sleep. I became so attatched to this SportageR which would go to Russia in a few days.

I hope SportageR will meet good owner in Russia very soon.:)




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