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Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia

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I never thought this nice usedcar would be exported abroad.. to Ethiopia.


A few days ago I got an international telephone call from an Ethiopian.


He wanted to import Korean usedcars so I decided to help him with it.

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


I introduced him free shipping agency which was posted at our web site.


This was the beginning of involving with free shipping service of our web site.


Those people from Ethiopia wasn't familiar with business of this kind of deal and certain to our web


Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


Therefore he seemed to hesitate... It's so natural for him to hesitate when it's involved with money.


Especially when he send money abroad... I can understand!


One day he hurried me to send him a Grand Carnival to Ethiopia.

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


Therefore I asked him to call me when he checks out where he'd get the car and pick it up.


I also told him agency business was available.


After a lot of international calls made, I decided to buy a car from a dealer I know.


Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia

We took care of all work and car came from Jeonla province in Korea.


I couldn't check the car but I didn’t worry about it. Usually Grand Carnival is in good condition.


After I bought the car I consult with shipping company about that.

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


However I found that there is no direct ship going to Ethiopia after asking a couple of questions to


manager from Myoung-sung shipping company I use. His answer was that inevitably overland


transport was needed. Therefore I gave him an international call and said it’s not good to choose

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


overland transport if the condition of expressway in Ethiopia was not as good as in Korea.


I don’t want my customer in Ethiopia to see terrible condition of the car I sent. During my search for ro-


ro ship, I finally found that there is ro-ro ship going to Sudan, which came to Korea once a month. The


port is located in Djibouti.

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia

This port seems to be the gateway to East Africa.


Usually cars are sent to Kenya where Japanese left-hand drive cars are imported. Most of Korean cars


which is right-hand drive cars are sent to Djibouti. Therefore I check out the schedule and found we


don’t have much time. We hurried a consignment of cars, cancellation of registration and handling of


license and then entered a port and finally finished up with shipping of cars. It all took only a day.


Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


Because all the handling of shipment was done so quickly that I was a little worried if there’s any trouble.


Therefore I let him know about the process of transportation when I gave him an international call.


Every time I send cars abroad I feel like I’m a father who gives his daughter away in marriage.


I always hope that the cars would meet good owner.


Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


The car will arrive at Ethiopia in 35 days at the most.


I will ask my customer to take a picture of the car and post it on our website when he receives it.


It was my first time to send cars to Ethiopia and I searched web for the information about the country.


I found Ethiopia has interesting culture which made me want to know more about it.


If the result of transaction is good I want to make more of dealings with people in the country.


I hope to visit the country with my staff someday. 

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


I understand some people have a doubt about the company that send cars away for free.


However you will understand why it’s possible to do that when you know about our profit structure.


Of course some companies receive about 300 US dollars on each sale and honestly that’s the general


practice in this industry.


I’d like to make sure that I don’t receive anything from the car owner and receiver abroad during the


process of sending cars away.

Exporting Korean usedcars to Ethiopia


Because I think it’s not one-off transaction but gaining a foothold to have a good business relationship

in the future, which based on the trust.

You’re always welcomed and we are ready to be a good business partner.

If you want import Korean cars, you may want to ask some buyers for the advice in your country.

Not only we handle the purchase of cars and the process of shipment but also take all the

responsibility if there’s any problem.



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