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Jangmiyeoguan concert review




Jangmiyeoguan concert review


I’ve been so busy these days that I couldn’t have time to write. 

I took time out of my busy schedule to see concert of Jangmiyeoguan. 

When my wife suggested to go to see Jangmiyeoguan concert, I thought that what kind of

motel of Jangmiyeoguan? Why we need to go to Janmiyeoguan at Hongdae?

I was so curious.. But I had no choice but just followed my wife. 

Jangmiyeoguan concert review

So my wife and I headed for the Hongdae by subway at seven. I used to come to 

Hongdae when I was in my twenties to hang out with my friends.


When I was standing in the middle of the main street at Hongdae, I felt young again.


Jangmiyeoguan concert review

When I finally saw the poster of the concert outside of venue, I found out that

Jangmiyeoguan was the name of the rock band which is comprised of five members.

Each member was so unique and all members were so funny that I laughed at their jokes all

through the concert. 

Jangmiyeoguan concert review

Their jokes were as funny as comedian such as well- known Kimgura.

They also were good at sing a song. No wonder they are so popular these days.

All of a sudden I feel thankful for my wife to bring me to the fantastic concert. 

Jangmiyeoguan concert review


And this concert gave me a chance to look back on my life so far.

I was always talking on the cell phone and working on notebook computer for

work as if my life is all about work just like an workaholic.


I felt sorry for my wife and my precious two daughters.

And I decided to have more time with my family from now.


This concert made me feel how busy I was and how much I love my family.

I just felt happy when I was on my way home.

Jangmiyeoguan concert review


From now on I’m going to spend more time with my family on doing something meaningful.

I will take time to buy new camera lens in order to take a picture of my daughters.

In the future, I just want to let them know how pretty they were when they were 

little and how much I love them when they grow up and see those pictures.  

When I look back on the last year, I almost swamped with work. 

I felt sorry for putting my work first. 

I will try to make up for the loss of time for my family.

I should be a family man from now on.

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