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Automobile radiator explosion




Automobile radiator explosion


Radiator is a device that transfers energy to other part to dissipate heat and cool down.

Most radiators are for automobile building, or electronics.

Radiator not only use for heating up the room as a heater, but also use for cooling down the automobile or airplane.


 ( Photo: Author purpaboo)


The other day, I was on the way to home from work, and I got a call from a friend.

He said his radiator in his car explodes and his car stopped. He also said the antifreeze started to leak.

To be honest it is not a dangerous situation. Also it was little funny because he seems to be freaking out about this. 

 ( Photo: co )


I turn the way to him and meet him to check the car condition.

Then I introduce him an auto repair center where I used to go.

The engine room was horrible. It was my first time see the explosion.


 ( Photo: co )


The manager of auto repair shop said it is not going to take long to repair, so we waited for a while.

This is how it looks when he take out the fan. 

 ( Photo: co )


This is a picture I took when he take out the radiator.

I could not see problem here. 

 ( Photo: co )


It looks little empty after taking radiator out.

He is working so hard and I cannot even see his hand.


 ( Photo: co )


When people replace antifreeze, they often refill the antifreeze or take out all the antifreeze and put new antifreeze. But he said it is wrong way.

It could be different by where you went to repair, but he said that way could cause unwanted impurities in the radiator.


So, it is good to take out all the antifreeze and once put water to refresh the radiator and then put new radiator again.

But most repair shop do not do it in this way money wise. 

( Photo: co )


This is how it looks after he replaced the radiator.

It is shining brightly.

He also said the core of radiator is actually decreased than the past and he does not understand why the price went up.




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