Jessie Park

Honesty goes a long way

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Are you finding someone who is honest and intgrous? You found the right partner.

I always try my best to make my clients to be in the better position than their competitors. through our cooperation, we can be the best partner.

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Diagnostic evaluation

Evaluation is done as follows.

  • Check engine condition

    We diagnose important engine conditions in detail with diagnostic evaluation equipment and experience.

  • Transmission

    It is difficult to directly diagnose the vehicle mission status, we deliver interpretations and opinions through long experience.

  • Precise Accident

    Accurately captures the basic accident.

  • Defect notification by vehicle

    Know the characteristics of the car, check the compatibility of each vehicle, and notify the customer.

  • Car Auction House Recommendations

    We recommend used car auction houses operated by large corporations, and then proceed with the vehicle auction.

  • Used car pricing

    Compare and analyze online and offline used car prices and present the best price to customers.

Customer Reviews

Check out real customer reviews!

  • Hola

    She is kind and responsible. She examines the car thoroughly.

  • Jason

    The advantage of ssancar is that it is a 'honest car'. You can know the condition in detail without seeing it in person, and you can also hear a friendly explanation from the vehicle evaluator. ssancar takes care of the purchasing process for you! The smartest way to buy my used car!

  • Kevin

    Friends who recently changed their car also recommended the Ssancar unconditionally. Buying, managing, selling, and taking responsibility for the vehicle yourself! This is a company that you can trust and buy in this non-face-to-face era. There is nothing to be dissatisfied with! If you ever buy a used car again, it's ssancar.

  • Margaret

    Shipping, Refund, Warranty Buy from SSANCAR with confidence!

    There are several companies in the used car market, but I bought it with confidence because I liked SSANCAR's unique service.

    I made the payment before 5:00 pm on Thursday, but the car was surprisingly quickly purchased.

    Nothing abnormal as a result of inspection at the Hyundai service center!

    And my husband, who had actually driven the car, liked it so much that he decided to take it without a refund.

    SSANCAR, thank you.

  • Mikel

    I love her way of working. She became my best friend.

  • Bob

    her response was very quick. 

  • Donald

    Hi Jessie. I am satisfied the cars. I hope we keep working together.

  • Multicars

    though Transport time was long, the car price was competirive.

  • Luan

    It was such a good experience. The condition of car is just like the picture. Thank you.

  • CN

    I've received my car safely with many thanks.
    thank you Jessie for your kind patience though our long communication. you are my good partner.