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Why me? ▫Here you will find a car that will meet all your requirements. Color, mileage, equipment. Choose your dream from hundreds of presented cars

Opportunity to buy a car, on insanely favorable terms. Our company is on the market in 2001.For more than 22 years we have been pleasing our customers. We have an honest approach. Transparency of all transactions and pricing! We save your money and time

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Diagnostic evaluation

Evaluation is done as follows.

  • Check engine condition

    We diagnose important engine conditions in detail with diagnostic evaluation equipment and experience.

  • Transmission

    It is difficult to directly diagnose the vehicle mission status, we deliver interpretations and opinions through long experience.

  • Precise Accident

    Accurately captures the basic accident.

  • Defect notification by vehicle

    Know the characteristics of the car, check the compatibility of each vehicle, and notify the customer.

  • Car Auction House Recommendations

    We recommend used car auction houses operated by large corporations, and then proceed with the vehicle auction.

  • Used car pricing

    Compare and analyze online and offline used car prices and present the best price to customers.

Customer Reviews

Check out real customer reviews!

  • OConnor

    I don't want to be stressed so the conclusion is SSANCAR

    SSANCAR's great advantage is that it is a brokerage platform that connects with individual dealers!

  • Anderson

    Trusted until after purchase

    I usually know cars well, and I have many acquaintances who have experience in the used car industry, but I think there are a lot of things to worry about when buying a used car.

    I just decided on SSANCAR.


    Refunds are real..!

    I bought a used car in Korea.

    At first, it was a little cumbersome to pay such a large amount of money at once and wait for it to arrive.

    Anyway, I sent all the necessary documents and finally got the car on the exact date and time I wanted.

    Even if you take it to the repair shop, everyone who inspects it is amazed! Everyone said that they chose the car well.

    With one experience, I think that if there is a property I want in SSANCAR, I can believe and buy it.

  • Matthew

    I'm satisfied as much as I worried

    I searched a lot on YouTube related to used cars and compared them here and there, and eventually bought it from SSANCAR. Pay immediately as soon as the Sonata is uploaded!

    Detailed records such as minor scratches and wheel scratches were left, so I was able to make a quick purchase decision online.

    As a result of the inspection at the industrial company, it was judged to be very clean, and it has been riding well without any problems so far. I thought a lot before purchasing, but I feel relieved!

  • Thomas

    I got to know the SSANCAR and searched for various car models through the app.

    Purchasing a used car was really easy and convenient thanks to the convenience of searching

    under the desired conditions, the fact that all insurance history is transparently disclosed,

    and the home service to buy my car without having to go to the store...

  • Robert

    I'm glad there's a company like SSANCAR.
    Following the YF Sonata I bought in the past, I bought the All-New K7 from SSANCAR well.

    I think it's really good to have a system where you can easily compare cars that SSANCAR directly diagnoses and guarantees at home,

    and then visit a directly managed store or purchase through a home service to suit your personal circumstances.

    This all-new K7 was also thoroughly inspected at the car center, and the condition was also good without any unusual issues.

    If you have a problem with your car, you will be under a lot of stress both financially and mentally,

    so I think purchasing from a reliable company is really important. The next vehicle is also SSANCAR unless it is a new car purchase.

  • meyumi

    Congratulations on your car purchase! Let him become the best friend for you and your family, bringing a lot of pleasant emotions.