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Готов решить любые ваши проблемы и предоставить достоверный ответ в любое время. Я буду вашим партнером в помощи выбора любого вашего авто по оптимальным условиям. Мой опыт и доверие клиентов всегда помогает мне достичь высоких результатов.

Ready to solve any of your problems and provide a reliable answer at any time. I will be your partner in helping you choose any of your cars under optimal conditions. My experience and client trust always helps me achieve high results.

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Diagnostic evaluation

Evaluation is done as follows.

  • Check engine condition

    We diagnose important engine conditions in detail with diagnostic evaluation equipment and experience.

  • Transmission

    It is difficult to directly diagnose the vehicle mission status, we deliver interpretations and opinions through long experience.

  • Precise Accident

    Accurately captures the basic accident.

  • Defect notification by vehicle

    Know the characteristics of the car, check the compatibility of each vehicle, and notify the customer.

  • Car Auction House Recommendations

    We recommend used car auction houses operated by large corporations, and then proceed with the vehicle auction.

  • Used car pricing

    Compare and analyze online and offline used car prices and present the best price to customers.

Customer Reviews

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  • JAKE

    Thank you for carefully checking if there is a fault or not. Your kindness is the best.

  • chamsae

    Thank you for your meticulous and responsible confirmation

  • Martin

    I had a nice experience working with Vlad. Hope next time we will find a car fitting my conditions.

  • Young

    Had some troubles to find a car but with the help of Vlad I was able to satisfy my customer in Russia.
    Thank you Vlad.

  • Garcia

    Pleasure is mine. I had a great time with Vlad. Looking forward to place an order again.

  • Oliver

    Everything was good and it took a not long time to find my car.
    Thanks to Vlad. I do suggest this company and their professionals to work with.

  • Victor

    Thanks to Vlad, I was able to find more than 3 cars at once. Hope to work again.

  • Chris

    Everythins is Ok . . I took a good car with kindly working ~